SFC Andrew McCaffrey, Veteran

Current Location:

  Arlington, Virginia

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  Not Specified

WTU of Recovery:

  Not Specified


  Massapequa Park, New York


  Not Specified


  Cycling, Track and Field

Injury or Illness:

  Below-The-Elbow Amputee (Right)

After retired Sgt 1st Class Andrew McCaffrey lost part of his arm to a malfunctioning hand grenade in 2002, he decided to put everything into his recovery and rehabilitation. As a result, McCaffrey was not only wearing a prosthetic arm within four days, and attempting pushups within a month of his accident, but he was the first amputee from the conflict in Afghanistan to return to duty and continue to fight. “Exactly two years to the date after losing my hand, I was back in Afghanistan,” he said.

McCaffrey continues to fight, but these days his tour of duty is on a bicycle participating in warriorathlete competitions. To date, he has competed in several wounded warrior events, including the 2013 Valor Games and the 2014 Army Warrior Trials, where he won a silver medal in men’s 30-kilometer cycling.

Adaptive reconditioning and rehabilitative sports have proven extremely beneficial to McCaffrey mentally, emotionally and physically. He says that sharing his experiences with Veterans who have gone through similar things is especially meaningful. “We can share our problems with each other. It’s great mentally to know that,” he said.

McCaffrey says that cycling has given him something to focus on after his military career ended, and he hopes that other wounded, ill and injured Soldiers will focus on a sport or activity that will help them heal, recover and move forward in their lives. “I’m very proud to be a member of the team and enjoy competing and watching my fellow teammates overcome adversity,” he said.

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Year Event Results


Warrior Games Silver 400m (Track and Field)


DoD Warrior Games Silver Men’s 1500m Run 5.0 (Track)