SPC Anthony Atemon, Active Duty

Current Location:

  Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  94A (Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer)

WTU of Recovery:

  Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Bragg, North Carolina


  Decatur, Alabama


  West Morgan High School


  Cycling, Track, Field, Swimming

Injury or Illness:

  Visually Impaired

Spc. Anthony Atemon was born in July of 1989 in Vallejo, California and graduated from West Morgan High School in Trinity, Alabama. He has always been involved in sports and during his high school career, he played football, basketball, and baseball. In 2009, Spc. Atemon enlisted in the Army as a 94A (Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer). On January 28, 2013 he awoke with blurred vision and after subsequent testing found out he had an autoimmune disorder which affected his vision. He was assigned to the Fort Bragg Warrior Transition Battalion on May 6, 2013. In January of 2015, Spc. Atemon tried out for the Warrior Games local trials at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and from there went to the Northern RMC Trials and Army Trials in Fort Bliss, Texas.

At the Army Trials, Spc. Atemon medaled in the discus, shot put, and tandem cycling. He believes that participating in sports helps him fight for his independence, makes him feel normal and like he is different from anyone else. “I like to be a part of a team and something larger than himself.”

Spc. Atemon’s future goal is to go back to college and major in sports psychology after transitioning from the Army so he can assist other wounded, ill and injured athletes.

“Do not let your disability define who you are, rather persevere through adversity to become the best version of yourself.”

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Year Event Results


DoD Warrior Games Gold Men’s Shot Put Standing 1.0 (Field)
Gold Men’s 100m Dash 1.0 (Track)
Gold Men’s 1500m Run 1.0 (Track)
Silver Men’s 800m Run 1.0 (Track)
Silver Men’s 200m Dash 1.0 (Track)
Silver Men’s 50m Freestyle 1.0 (VI) (Swimming)
Silver Men’s 50m Backstroke 1.0 (VI) (Swimming)
Silver Men’s 100m Freestyle 1.0 (VI) (Swimming)
Bronze Men’s 200m Dash 1.0 (Track)
Bronze Tandem Visual Impairment M/F (Cycling)