SSG. Brian Boone Active

Current Location:

  San Antonio, Texas

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  89D (Explosive ordnance disposal)

WTU of Recovery:

  Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Sam Houston, Texas


  San Antonio, Texas


  Fair Hope High School, Alabama; University of Alabama -Tuscaloosa


  Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball

Injury or Illness:

  Below-the-knee amputation, brachial plexopathy

Staff Sgt. Brian Boone began shooting an air rifle as part of the adaptive reconditioning program during his recovery at the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and competed for the first time in June at the U.S. Army Warrior Trials. “This experience is amazing, it is all new to me,” he said. “It’s nice to just get out of yourself in the competition of sports. It’s challenging, and I just enjoy the competition.”

Boone sustained severe injuries in Afghanistan in 2011. His team had to switch to a smaller truck due to mechanical issues, so Boone was harnessed in the back of the new, overloaded truck with his left leg over the wheel well when they drove over an improvised explosive device. The wheel under his left leg blew up, taking the bottom portion of his leg with it. The harness dug into his right shoulder, damaging the nerves so severely he could not use the arm for months.

Boone was fitted for a prosthetic upon his return to the U.S., and was walking within a month. He was assigned to B Company, 187th Medical Battalion at Fort Sam Houston, Texas and eventually stayed in the Army through a special program called Continuation on Active Duty (COAD). Boone calls his amputation a “golden injury,” because he was able to return to his normal routines fairly quickly, unlike many of his fellow WTB Soldiers.

“Sports really help me get out of myself,” said Boone, who currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs wheelchair basketball team. Boone is preparing to transition out of the Army and hopes to pursue a degree in biology. He cites his wife as being his biggest supporter throughout his training. “She takes care of everything at the house and allows me to completely focus on this without any stress.”

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Year Event Results


Warrior Games Bronze 50mBreast (Swimming)
Silver Relays (Swimming)
Silver (Wheelchair Basketball)
Bronze (Sitting Volleyball)