SPC Chasity Kuczer, Active Duty

Current Location:

  Fort Knox, Kentucky

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  88P (Railway Equipment Repairer)

WTU of Recovery:

  Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Knox, Kentucky


  Seymour, Wisconsin


  Not Specified


  Archery, Shooting, Field, Swimming

Injury or Illness:

  Bi-Lateral Labral Tear In Hips, CRPS In Left Leg, and back problems

Spc. Chasity “Chas” Kuczer is from Seymour, Wisconsin. She is currently a reservist and a locomotive mechanic. Before her injury, Spc. Kuczer enjoyed riding motorcycles, hunting, fishing, and hiking. With the help of her mother at the age of four, she began shooting archery. As Spc. Kuczer got older, she started competing and even went to nationals for archery, trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Shooting is her passion, however, due to mounting medical bills she had to stop competing. On the civilian side, Spc. Kuczer has worked at several gun shops and an indoor range. “I would teach concealed carry classes as well as hunter safety,” said Kuczer

The reason Spc. Kuczer arrived at the Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Knox, Kentucky was because of a bilateral labral tear in her hips, back problems, and nerve damage dating back to July of 2012. Spc. Kuczer has had two surgeries on her left hip, but unfortunately still struggles with the pain. “I am the third generation of an Army family and I am disappointed my enlistment is going to be cut short. In the WTB, I am happy they offer archery and hunting trips. I believe this will keep my mental health good and help my healing process. Being able to shoot will make me have something to look forward too while being here,” said Kuczer.

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Year Event Results


DoD Warrior Games Gold Team Compound (Archery)
Gold Individual Compound (Archery)
Gold Women’s Shot Put Seated 6.0 (Field)
Gold Women’s Discus Throw Seated 6.0 (Field)
Silver Women’s 50m Backstroke 5.0 (Swimming)