CPT Frank Barroquiero, Veteran

Current Location:

  Gainesville, Georgia

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  Not Specified

WTU of Recovery:

  Community-Based Warrior Transition Unit, Orlando, Florida


  Brick, New Jersey


  Brick Memorial High School, Brick, New Jersey; University of Georgia – Athens


  Archery, Shooting

Injury or Illness:

  Gunshot Wound

Retired Capt. Frank Barroquiero is returning to the Warrior Games with a refined sense of focus. Like many of the athletes, Barroquiero has a routine to prepare for his archery and shooting competitions. “I make a routine with the coaches and use it as a script,” he explained. “It takes the whole tension in the room out.” Barroquiero has a routine card for each part of the process—one for setup, one for sighting and one for shooting.

“I love archery, the therapeutic aspects,” says Barroquiero. “It’s not about strength or physical ability, it’s the mental part.” Barroquiero has been training at the Georgia National Guard facilities where his old chain of command is located.

He was not always certain he would be able to participate in sports again. While on assignment in Afghanistan as an Infantry Company Commander in 2009, Barroqueiro was shot in the arm during a fire fight. According to doctors, Barroquiero’s arm was supposed to be amputated three times. His doctor said he would never shoot again. “It is still here and I am using it to compete in Warrior Games. Archery helps prevent losing my range of motion because I keep using my arm.”

Barroquiero’s loved ones have also made his recovery easier. “My Family has been incredibly supportive with all the time it takes to prepare,” he said.

Barroqueiro served as Team Army's captain for the 2014 Warrior Games.

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