SPC Jason Blair, Active

Current Location:

  Waco, Texas

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  11B (Infantry)

WTU of Recovery:

  Warrior Transition Battalion Alpha Company, Fort Belvoir, Virginia


  West, Texas


  Blair Christian Academy, West, Texas; McLennan Community College, Waco, Texas


  Cycling, Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball

Injury or Illness:

  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

First-time Warrior Games athlete Spc. Jason Blair has a “fresh take on life” thanks to the Army’s adaptive reconditioning program at the Fort Belvoir Warrior Transition Unit. “It is one of the best medications out there for me personally. That’s the way I see it,” said Blair. “It’s a way to process things in a healthy manner. Plus you stay in shape as well.”

Since his introduction to adaptive sports, Blair has shown strength and versatility as an athlete. He competed in a sitting volleyball tournament at the Pentagon, the Virginia wheelchair basketball tournament regional competition and the 2014 U.S. Army Warrior Trials at West Point, taking home a silver medal in men’s 20-kilometer recumbent cycling.

Blair feels that it is a privilege to be part of the Army team at this year’s Warrior Games. “Just being able to go to West Point was a great honor,” said Blair. “Looking back at where I was a year and a half ago, to where I am now, the Army has been there for me the whole time.”

Throughout the past year and a half, Blair quickly moved from adaptive reconditioning for leisure to competing for medals. “I went from just playing to actually competing,” said Blair. “It became my goal to compete at Warrior Games, and now it’s my goal to take home the Commander’s Cup.”

Blair says he never has to worry about whether he will have the proper equipment to train for his events. “If equipment breaks, my chain of command makes sure I have what I need.” He is thankful for the support and encouragement of his cadre, his Family and in particular, Steve Smutak, the adaptive sports coordinator at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

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Year Event Results


Warrior Games Silver Recumbent (Cycling)
Silver (Wheelchair Basketball)
Bronze (Sitting Volleyball)