SGT Jessica Brennan, Active

Current Location:

  Fort Gordon, Georgia

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  HHC, Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Gordon, Georgia

WTU of Recovery:

  Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Gordon, Georgia


  Colorado Springs, Colorado


  Rampart High School, Colorado Springs, Colorado; American Military University


  Track and Field, Archery

Injury or Illness:

  Lower Back Injury

If it’s a sport—be it on land or in the water—Sgt. Jessica Brennan is probably focusing all her energy into mastering it. “I’ve been working on archery, swimming, discus, shot put, cycling… I’ve got all my eggs in every basket,” Brennan stated proudly. “I’ve always been a sports person, starting with tee-ball as a kid. The adaptive sports program is getting me into whole new arenas. Essentially, the Warrior Transition Unit showed me what they have, and I said I wanted to do everything.”

Brennan was involved in a car accident in Germany that injured her lower spine. Now she is stationed at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Gordon, Georgia, where she was introduced to the adaptive reconditioning program and began her journey to gold.

“I chose to do adaptive sports because athletic activities are the only outlet I know that keep me going,” said Brennan, now competing in her first Warrior Games. “Now, not too many months later, I hope to place first, second or third in every event I compete in and to win the ultimate cup.”

That victory perspective is fueled by a strong support system. “We have a great atmosphere here, and the coaches and trainers are awesome. I know that being around positive people brings a positive outcome.”

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Year Event Results


Warrior Games Bronze Shot Put (Track and Field)
Gold Team Recurve (Archery)