SGT Kadina Baldwin, Active Duty

Current Location:


Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:


WTU of Recovery:

  Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Campbell, Kentucky


  Columbus, Georgia


  Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina; Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina (BS); Nashville Institute, Tennessee


  Track and Field, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball

Injury or Illness:

  Lower back

Sgt. Kadina Baldwin found a way to participate in her favorite sports in her post-injury life thanks to her Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB). “I started wheelchair basketball (WCB) in October at the WTB as part of adaptive reconditioning program. I like WCB, because I can’t play regular basketball anymore. This is my substitute,” said Baldwin. “I also played volleyball in high school. Sitting volleyball is the same sport with a few adjustments. It’s fun and different.”

Along with wheelchair basketball and volleyball, Baldwin has also picked up shot put, discus and the 50m freestyle swim. “Having coaches for each sport really helped,” said Baldwin at the 2014 Warrior Trials, where she took home three medals. “No matter what happens, I still came away from the trials learning a lot in each of my events.”

“I love the adaptive reconditioning program. I don’t know where I would be without it. I’m just excited to be here and I feel honored,” added Baldwin.

Beyond sports, Baldwin is building on her education. She is attending the Nashville Institute to learn video production and intends to get her masters in the next five years.

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Year Event Results


Warrior Games Silver Shot Put (Track and Field)
Silver (Wheelchair Basketball)
SGT Kadina Baldwin