SGT Nicholas Titman, Active Duty

Current Location:

  Colorado Springs, Colorado

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  14G Air Defense

WTU of Recovery:

  Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Carson, Colorado


  Damascus, Virginia


  Not Specified


  Hand Cycling, Swimming, Volleyball, Track and Field, Wheelchair Basketball

Injury or Illness:

  Degenerative Disc Disease (L3- S1)

Sgt. Nicholas Titman was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina and grew up in Damascus, Virginia. After a year of college, he decided to join the Army as an Air Defense Battle Management System Operator. Titman served in Operation Enduring Freedom and was also deployed to Qatar. He sustained injuries to his lower back, while serving overseas as well as in the United States.

Sgt. Titman always wanted to try out for the All Army Volleyball team, but cannot because of his injury. It means a lot for him to represent the Army at the DoD Warrior Games this year. Titman has found a close connection with his teammates and athletes from other branches, since starting the journey of competing in adaptive sports. They all share something in common and all have one goal in sight, to heal and overcome the challenges and obstacles in life through physical activities.

Sgt. Titman only has a few short months left on active duty and after retirement wants to continue to go to school full time and earn his Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Volunteering is a big part of Titman’s spare time and would like to become more active in the community and nation with wounded and injured veterans, as well as staying involved in the Humane Society and the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Right now, Almon has set goals for finishing his nursing program, which includes developing tips and resources to cope with short term memory retention. He is taking classes while helping fellow service members learn adaptive sports at a local Olympic/Paralympic facility.

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Year Event Results


DoD Warrior Games Gold Sitting Volleyball
Gold Men’s Shot Put Seated 4.0 (Field)
Gold Men’s Discus Throw Seated 4.0 (Field)