SGT Ricardo Villalobos, Veteran

Current Location:

  Winston Salem, North Carolina

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:

  12B Combat Engineer

WTU of Recovery:

  Not Specified


  Lexington, North Carolina


  North Davidson High School, Lexington, North Carolina


  Swimming, Field, Cycling

Injury or Illness:

  Lumber Fusion, Right Forearm Limb Salvage, Right Knee Reconstruction

Sgt. Ricardo Villalobos was born in Lexington, North Carolina where he attended North Davidson High School and competed in swimming and played football. He enlisted early in the Army prior to his graduation. Sgt. Villalobos served for over eight years; half of the time was spent overseas.

Sgt. Villalobos has two kids, a son and a daughter. He is currently retired and focusing on training to take home a gold medal in the Warrior Games. After the games, Sgt. Villalobos plans to concentrate on working hard to make it to the Paralympics.

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Year Event Results


DoD Warrior Games Silver Men’s 100m Freestyle 5.5 Lower (Swimming)
Bronze Men’s 50m Backstroke 5.5 Lower (Swimming)
Bronze Men’s 50m Freestyle 5.5 Lower (Swimming)