SGT Sean Hook, Veteran

Current Location:

  Summerville, South Carolina

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Current Occupation:


WTU of Recovery:

  West Point, Warrior Transition Unit, New York


  Tyrone, Pennsylvania


  Tyrone Area High School, Pennsylvania


  Track, Field, Sitting Volleyball, Archery

Injury or Illness:

  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Shoulder Injury

Sgt. Sean Hook said that sports reconditioning changed his life. After returning from Iraq, he felt that his life and family were coming apart. “I was in what I would describe as a shell; never coming out unless it was 100% necessary. My life was falling apart. My family was falling apart. My wife was trying to help, but was not knowledgeable about my injuries.”

Sgt. Hook was invited to Penn State University for a football game through the Department of Veterans Affairs. There he met Ms. Terry Jordan, who was a Navy team coach for the Warrior Games. She asked him if he had ever heard of the Warrior Games and whether he had ever thrown a shot put, which was something he had not done. Ms. Jordan invited Sgt. Hook to the university to throw and he found an outlet and a way to help him focus.

He made the Army Team, but, “I just wasn’t out of my shell and threw a lot shorter than I did when I first started.” However, Sgt. Hook did not give up and tried out for the team the following year and received three medals. He then participated successfully in the Invictus games in London and another Warrior Games.

“I truly feel sports has changed my life for the better I am grateful for all the people and companies that have supported the Warrior Games.”

To get a pdf of the athlete bio at Invictus Games, click here

To get a pdf of the athlete bio at Warrior Games, click here


Year Event Results


U.S. Army Warrior Trials


Invictus Games


Warrior Games Bronze Shot Put (Track and Field)
Gold Discus (Track and Field)
Gold Team Recurve (Archery)
Bronze (Sitting Volleyball)


DoD Warrior Games Gold Sitting Volleyball
Gold Team Recurve (Archery)
Gold Individual Recurve (Archery)
Silver Men’s Shot Put Standing 6.0 (Field)
Silver Men’s Discus Throw Standing 6.0 (Field)
Sean Hook, Sitting Volleyball Center SGT Sean Hook