Community Support: Service Dogs or Therapy Dogs

Service Providers must comply with Army Directive 2013-01 to qualify for this category.

Federal organization indicates a federal organization

Service Dogs
Therapy Dogs
Service Dog Products
Service Dogs Training and Handling

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Disclaimer: Wounded, ill and injured Active Duty Soldiers (including Reserve and National Guard Soldiers while on active duty) need to obtain an ethics opinion if the value of any individual gift or donation they receive exceeds $350 or if various gifts from the same source in a calendar year exceed $1000.

Disclaimer: Participants in the CSN are external organizations that have agreed to share information about the WCT Community Support Network with their members and to support wounded, ill or injured Soldiers, Veterans, their Families and Caregivers. AW2, Warrior Care and Transition, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Defense do not endorse these organizations and are not responsible for the content of their websites.

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