Force Management Officer lands tech giant internship

WTU Force StructureMaj. LaRon Somerville and Mrs. Karen Hamilton, Warrior Care Branch Chief, DCS, WCT reviews the Table of Distribution and Allowance adjustments that will impact the WCT future force structure. (Photo Courtesy Annette P. Gomes)

By Annette P. Gomes, Warrior Care and Transition

Feb 08, 2017 – Maj. LaRon Somerville will soon trade in his military uniform for a more corporate look this summer as he begins his training-with-industry assignment as a Project Manager with tech giant, Amazon.

“It is quite a humbling nomination and I am thrilled for the opportunity. I will get the chance to work for a successful company while still serving in the Army,” Somerville said. “Amazon is a premier Corporate 500 company that has been at the forefront of consumer-based change for many years, what more could an Army officer ask for?”

Often described as determined and career goal-oriented among his colleagues, the force management officer for the Deputy Chief of Staff, Warrior Care and Transition Warrior Care Branch began researching the training-with-industry program to further his career. The program provides military personnel the career broadening opportunity to function and operate as part of corporate America. Every year, within the force management functional area, many applicants compete for one of only two available fellowships at either Federal Express or Amazon.

“I knew competing was a shot in the dark, considering the vast amount of applicants each year, but…nothing ventured, nothing gained. Once the application window opened I reached out to some senior leader mentors for letters of endorsement and the rest is history,” he said.

Karen Hamilton, Warrior Care Branch Chief, DCS, WCT, says Somerville is a perfect fit for the program.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maj. Somerville for the past two years. He is a superb human being. I have mixed emotions about him leaving because while we wish we could retain this stellar professional, we wholeheartedly support his selection for this exceptional opportunity,” Hamilton said. “He is incredibly smart, intellectually humble and brings tremendous passion and talent to his work. I’m certain that he’ll do the same at Amazon and will be a great representative of our Army. I consider him family and I’m eternally grateful for the consummate professionalism and friendship he imparted in our two-year collaborative effort.”

The Georgia native says the career opportunity is a testament to the lessons learned while serving in the Army and looks forward to the new experiences he will share upon returning to duty.

“The experience I will gain during this one year tour will benefit me personally, but more importantly, I will be able to employ those leadership skills and insights to my future positions within the Army,” Somerville said. “Ultimately, this will help empower me with new innovative tools to help the Army become more efficient. I believe the Army does a great job of preparing all Soldiers for the next job, as long as we take an active role in our own development. I have served with many great leaders and learned from many outstanding subordinates in my 12 year career. Each experience has been valuable and essential to the Army Officer that I am today. I believe that I am prepared to serve in the capacity with distinction.”

But Somerville says he’s focused on one key goal for the future while keeping his support system close by his side.

“I have the best family support from my wife and children that anyone could ask for. I have been blessed beyond measure in and beyond my military career. I am motivated to succeed by the precious gifts that await my arrival home each day,” he said. “I perform to the best of my abilities each day because I know my four children and beautiful wife depend on me. I just want to be a better version of me today than I was yesterday. My dream now is to be successful in whatever future endeavors are placed before me.”

Maj. Somerville will begin his assignment with Amazon in August of 2017.