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1st Lt. Alexandria Francisco: A Solider with a passion of helping others

By: John M. Rosenberg, Warrior Care and Transition

1st Lt. Alexandria Francisco outside of the offices in which she volunteers on behalf of Family and children’s services. Francisco is both attending college and participating in the Career Education Readiness (CER) program at Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Benning, Georgia, where she is recovering from her injuries while preparing for her transition to civilian life.

Immediately upon her arrival at Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) at Fort Benning, 1st Lt. Alexandria Francisco displayed exceptional drive and a willingness to excel despite the injuries that had cut short her military career. “She exhibited an exceptionally high degree of confidence in her initial goal to remain-in the-Army,” said George Scruggs, WTB transition coordinator. “However, due to her medical status, a Medical Board was inevitable and, as the consummate Soldier, she adjusted her career goal and started on a path to prepare for her eventual retirement from the Army.”

In taking full advantage of the Career Education Readiness (CER) program, a required component of the Comprehensive Transition Program for eligible Soldiers assigned to WTBs, along with help from the WTB staff, Francisco is poised for a successful transition to civilian life.

Now a full-time student, maintaining a 4.0 GPA at Walden University and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Services, Francisco is channeling her passion for helping others by focusing on family studies and interventions. She is also volunteering at the Tennessee Department of Family and Children Services in Chattanooga, with an ultimate career goal of working with Child Protective Services in Atlanta.

One of the distinct advantages of participating in a CER program is a transitioning Soldier’s ability to bring real world experience to a civilian jobsite. According to Scruggs, Francisco is able to go “above and beyond” the knowledge that she gains within a purely academic setting. “The skills learned through the volunteer program will significantly enhance her experience and marketability as she enters the job market,” Scruggs explained.

Francisco will complete her degree requirements in February and graduate from Walden University in 2017. Based on her superior academic performance Francisco is on-track to graduate magna cum laude.

Francisco has taken advantage of the Warrior Care and Transition Program and her own Comprehensive Transition Plan, of which the CER program is an integral component. She has used the program to work towards attaining her goals while attending to her medical needs.

Because of this, says Scruggs, “Francisco’s desire to excel coupled with her stellar academic performance, she should serve as a role model for other Soldiers faced with the challenge of separating from the Army.”

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