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Warrior Care Month 2016: Local Communities

For wounded, ill and injured Soldiers assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) or Community Care Unit (CCU), engagement with the local community can prove most beneficial.

Connecting with local communities through activities such as hunting and fishing excursions, adaptive sports/reconditioning events and artistic workshops, can go a long way in aiding the recovery and reintegration process. In addition, a number of formal and informal programs exist that are specifically designed to connect WTU Soldiers and Families with their local communities.

The Soldier for Life program is just one example of how Soldiers in transition are able to connect with their local communities.

Continue reading to learn how local communities are supporting WTU Soldiers.

Staff Sgt. Alexandria Tetreault

Staff Sgt. Alexandria Tetreault has a self-described passion for working with people who need a helping hand, especially women and children. Read more...

Warrior Care Month 2016

WCM Events

Monday: November 14
  • Joint services Wheelchair Exhibition
Wednesday: November 16
  • Hiring Heroes Career Fair
Thursday: November 17
  • Joint Services Sitting Volleyball Tournament


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