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Staff Sgt. Matthew Mendez: Going the extra mile for fellow soldiers

By: John M. Rosenberg, Warrior Care and Transition

Staff Sgt. Matthew Mendez of the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB), Fort Benning. As he recovers from a hip injury Mendez participates in the Career and Education Readiness program, a required component of transition for all eligible Soldiers within a WTB. Through the CER program Mendez is able to showcase his capabilities and underscore his firm desire to remain in the Army.

Among the cornerstone qualities of an Army professional is possessing a deep sense of commitment— being steadfast in accomplishing the mission that lies before you, despite whatever adversity, obstacles and challenges one might face. This is especially relevant to America’s wounded, ill and injured Soldiers as they work towards their recovery and begin their transition back to active duty or into civilian life.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Mendez of the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) at Fort Benning, is the embodiment of the profound dedication and commitment of an Army professional. As such, Mendez pounced on the opportunity to participate in the Career and Education Readiness (CER) program offered at the WTB, selecting activities that were consistent with his goals.

The CER program is a required component of transition for eligible Soldiers assigned to a WTB, and a pivotal part of Mendez achieving his goals.

While recovering from his hip injury, Mendez is serving as a training technician, responsible for all training related duties within his WTB. The technical guidance and operations planning undertaken by Mendez in this position is in fulfillment of his CER obligations.

Mendez is said to be a consummate professional who “always goes the extra mile in revealing his total dedication to the command, his peers and fellow Soldiers,” according to Fort Benning’s WTB Transition Coordinator, Kevin Peoples.

“Staff Sgt. Mendez is making use of the CER program to showcase his capabilities and his value to the Army,” says Peoples. “Through the program, he is demonstrating a high degree of confidence in his ability to remain in uniform.”

The technical advice and guidance that he delivers helps to ensure that WTB operations, plans and programs are in compliance with its Mission Essential Task List. Mendez is responsible for reviewing training circulars, preparing master training schedules, and administering unit inspection guidance. Of the many support services that are available within the WTB, and through his participation in CER, Mendez has become a prime example of how wounded, ill and injured Soldiers can work towards realizing their goals all the while receiving medical care. With the deep sense of commitment that he brings to his job, his physical recovery, and in working towards his transition goals, Mendez is both a stellar advocate for his WTB as well as for the CER program.

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