Jessie White

Rank: SSG

Location: Junction City, Kansas

Head Title: Head Coach

"“It feels amazing to represent the United States. It is every kid’s dream,” said Jessie White. He represents the U.S. Team in London at the Invictus Games, competing in archery, shot-put and discus."

Joe Hydrick

Head Title: Head Coach

Description: “Fitness, skills, form, mental game, motivation, and other factors all have an influence on your results, and all limiting factors need to be identified and improved. I’m honored for the opportunity to coach Team Army’s Cycling squad and look forward to a successful 2015 DoD Warrior Games!”

Roger Withrow

Head Title: Heach Coach

“It’s a great privilege to serve as a coach in all six of the Warrior Games. The athlete’s resilience and strength of the human body and mind can bear so much. The mountains of obstacles I have had the pleasure of witnessing is beyond belief and nothing except pure joy when I see their goals come to fruition. Their motivation to perform is inspirational and reinvigorating to all involved and has made myself a much better and healthier man both mentally and physically,”

Uros Davidovic

Head Title: Head Coach

“Coaching this team is a tremendous privilege. Being around men and women who have put their lives in harm’s way for the greater good and safety of the United States. It is awe-inspiring and my honor to serve as the coach of their team. Our preparation leading up to the Warrior Games will be second to no other team or individual competing and it is the goal of the coaching staff to ensure we are in the absolute best position to capture gold in sitting volleyball in June.”

Bob Bugg

Head Title: Head Coach

, “I having thoroughly enjoyed imparting my knowledge of swimming and passing it along has been a privilege for me. These men and women are true competitors, having served our country, and their determination to overcome obstacles and compete against themselves and the other branches is a true inspiration to me. I am honored to work with each of these warriors as their fortitude is on display each day at practice and during the competition.”

Rodney Carson

Head Title: Head Coach

“Track is a great overall sport. You get what you put into it. It will kind of tell on you if you’re not putting in the hard work and sweat. Seeing the change, not just physically, but also change in terms of building the athletes’ self-confidence. It makes me excited to see how they come together and the camaraderie. They realize they’re not alone. When they get together, it empowers them.”

Scott Danberg

Head Title: Heach Coach

“As an athlete you eat, sleep, and perform, and once your training or competition is done you get to relax; but not coaches, they put in long full days. When my athlete threw a personal best and made the podium, it was as rewarding as if I had earned it myself. I’m appreciative of the commitment and dedication of the soldiers to want nothing less than personal best performances and to represent their respective divisions”.

Rodney Williams

Head Title: Head Coach

“When I meet a former athlete that I have coached, it is a tremendous feeling when they express thanks and explain to me how the Warrior Games and their coaches have helped them through tough times. I am honored and privileged to be a coach and mentor for Team Army. I am proud to have been given this great responsibility and to be a member of such an elite team.”

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