2014 Warrior Care Month

Warrior Care Month: Show of Strength

November marks Warrior Care Month, a dedicated time frame for the Army to share information and updates on the programs and initiatives currently provided through the warrior care system to the military and their Families. Throughout Warrior Care Month, the Army will ensure that leaders, Soldiers, Veterans, and Families understand the many ways Army Medicine and the Warrior Care and Transition Program (WCTP) support wounded, ill or injured Soldiers.

Our nation’s Soldiers live Army values day-to-day and through their personal sacrifice. This year, Warrior Care Month spotlights their strength, dedication and resilience in the theme “Show of Strength.” Each week, we will focus on a different “Show of Strength” throughout the warrior care experience: Recovery, Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Reconditioning.

The Warrior Care and Transition Program demonstrates a Show of Strength by: